Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A year which consolidated and flew by on its own accord

The start of a new year reminds me of having a look back at 2010 to introspect the path my life has taken. This introspection will be a continuation of the memories of 2010.

The job joined in late 2010 was one i had wanted and it was no surprise i finished the year with the same job intact. The year started with my trip to India which was a necessity. The month long recuperation period after going under the knife in mid January was more than a much needed break and i was missing home immediately after returning back to Singapore in Feb. I also had sorely missed the trip to Bali by friends in Singapore. A great time with family and cousins was the top of the month.

March announced its intentions of pure joy, passion and bliss with the world cup in its mid way stage. Days flew by with the excitement building up everyday. Also March was a month with lots happening.. My second ARR Live concert and my best friend visiting Singapore to meet after 4 years were definite highlights. The month ended with passions stirred with just the final hurdle left for Team India.

April began with India winning the world cup and memories that will stay for a life time. April was capped off with a trip to the scenic Tioman islands with new experiences of snorkelling and wathing the corals under the sea. The best month of the year. May was a dull month with the hurt of a strained relationship being felt.

June was fun with yet another trip to india. This time it was a surprise to almost all back home and the troubles i took to go were really one to be avoided next time. My best friend marriage was one occasion which will stay etched in memory for the joy experienced and the yearning i had developed.

July passed by with august announcing its arrival in a grand manner. My birthday, the trip to lesiure world cruise with others were such pure joy and the month end trip to Melaka, a historic town in Malaysia ended the month too on a high. September was just a month rolling on until the most desired thing i needed went out of my hands. The pain it carries will never be forgotten and will linger on and on.

October started with an unwanted quickie trip to India for 3 days and it is best forgotten. The joy of my contract extended for 1 more year and the security it provided is best remembered though it was a forgone conclusion that it would be extended for sure. Diwali came and went and November was a breeze with nothing much happening. Also it was a period that i understood how people behaved when it matters to them under certain circumstances.

December was eagerly awaited due to reason that my parents were on their second visit to Singapore for a month. The year ended with my relatives also landing in Singapore and the last week of the year was the most hectic week of the year though it was a holiday week. Trip to Malaysia with relatives and parents were the most amazing things one could have and the year capped of with mom and dad still in Singapore.

The year considering the last were was relatively normal and looking forward to the next year with high hopes and a great leap in my career and personal life.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Indian Politics in 2011 - A trip down the rugged lane

The year 2011 has been a one to forget as soon as possible as far as Politicians are concerned. The year has really been a roller-coaster ride for India in almost all aspects. I would like to take a trip down the memory lane on various which happened over the year.

One of the most influential years since independence, this year will be remembered for one person who climbed above all to rule to news and the news-makers. Also one cannot forget the numerous changes in central government as well as most importantly in south india. Corruption in unprecedented levels and the powerful impacts it has on the fall of various persons was the key highlight of this year. The most important issue which played havoc in many big weights career will of course be the 2G Scam, which shook the entire nation. Subramaniam Swamy, a name know only in political circles, became a famous person overnight with his blows hitting the bull's eye with precision.

It all started with Andhimuthu Raja being the main benefactor of the huge scam. It brought down along with him the core of DMK's union ministers like Kanimozhi, Dayanidhi Maran and now reaching the shores of Congress's Chidambaram. Most of the big names in the telecom industry were included and were sent on a trip to Tihar jail along with Kanimozhi and Raja. The hammer was delivered in a grand manner with DMK's rout in the assembly elections. So powerful was the blow that the party is not not even the primary opposition in the state.

The Commonwealth games during late 2010 was again a key starting point for the downhill of Suresh Kalmadi. The media on an overdrive led to international disgrace and Kalmadi is still langushing in Tihar. Adarsh land scams, vote for cash scam, mining scam and various others led to fall of huge elephants who seemed invincible. The list includes the Bellary brothers, Yeddyurappa, Jagan Mohan reddy among others.

The drubbing of DMK in tamilnadu by Jayalalitha's AIADMK has the former party's ministers and members running for safety. Land grabbing cases has mounted and DMK is being crushed to powder beyong recognition. The fall of Left in Bengal brought in an ambitious Mamta Banerjee and she seems to win over people even after the elections. The defeat of left signaled the end of a 4 decade unparalleled dominance. In the same vein Bihar's Nitish Kumar and Gujarat's Narendra Modi seem to travel higher up with amazing governance.

Uttar Pradesh - this particular state with elections round the corner is now a key battlefield in which the future of Congress will be known clearly. The iron fist rule of Mayawati and her actions are definitely in bad taste. But can the Congress seep through a state in which it has been rendered incompetent for a long time is the question. The spotlight is on congress due to the the much hyped "Rahul Gandhi" whose main focus has been UP. As a leader who is projected as a future Prime minister his growth in the party has been phenomenal considering the number of heavy weights in the party. This will be definitely be a must watched battle for the future of india.

With all these happenings over the year, the year would have been a normal one in the history of Indian Politics. But it was not to be. One person had changed it all and today he continues to be a hero for the masses and the biggest headache for the government. KISAN BABURAO HAZARE popularly know as ANNA HAZARE, a follower and preaches of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings, became the most important person to be taken notice of. His anti-corruption movement started with a few people like Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejrwal, the bhushans among others awakened the entire nation into going against corruption.

The moment starting in late 2010 had slowly been growing ever since making people take note of CWG scam, adarsh housing scam, corrupted CVC made to resign, culminating in the April hunger strike by ANNA. The actions spread with the help of social networking and media overdrive. The government was made to look into developing a citizens charter and bringing in a Lokpal. This was also the time India Against Corruption was born. The fast in Ramlila Maidan was a huge success. The June protest by Baba Ramdev at Ramlila was a eye scorcher for the govt with police action and widespread hate for the govt spreading. Politicians were reeling under tremendous pressure for making careful moves in its aftermath. Almost all opposition parties joining together made life hell for the Congress at the center.

But the biggest event awaited the nation on august 16 with Anna deciding to go on fast again against corruption. The govt picked him up and sent him to Tihar jail and it was the death knell for Congress. With all opposition parties, media and industry people peeving at its action, the support for Anna grew multifold. Protest were held all over india and also abroad for such insane action. The 7 days in Tihar jail and a 15 day protest in Ramlila shook the entire parliament to take action and the govt fast-tracked its promises on a LOKPAL with serious work beginning. Anna had become a cult hero and the most important person in a game changing political landscape.

Now in the late monsoon session of the parliament much debate about the LOKPAL bill rode over most of the proceedings and Anna had almost won. Just as i write this post, the govt has cleared a weaker LOKPAL bill, and Team Anna's next fast is looming larger everyday. The younger brigade of Indians are rallying behind Anna and the next course of action is being watched with a bated breath. Each step is going to a gigantic one considering the mammoth of expectations every Indian has.

Hoping that the next action be one for the growth of India and Indians i would like to wish all to look forward to a great year ahead.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

An year which begins it all... 2010

With 2010 coming to an end, it is the time to reflect upon the year that went by and jot some unforgeable memories. This would be a reflection and continuation of memories of 2009.

With a new job in hand it was time to push past sorrows to the corner and start moving my career. Kuan Aik Hong was a wonderful learning experience in my career. The work environ was just short of being worse. The company turned to be a family run business with 90% employees being family members. Nevertheless technically it was engrossing working with Autocad and also learning about the constructing buildings. Days lingered on with a mechanical life day in day out.

The Chinese New Year holidays in Feb were spent in Malaysia, which was my first tour outside Singapore with friends including Barath, Sathik, Sudharshan, Karthick, Mrinal, Ananth, Prakash and Ramanathan. The trip covered Kuala Lumpur, Genting and Taman Negara. Taman Negara was a place i will never forget in my life with its river-forest landscape. The boat rides and cave exploration were a stand out and one of the best experiences one can have in life.

Back to office after the trip it was once again a routine. Suddenly out of the blue came a unexpected jolt on March 12th- i was told to leave the company as they didnt have projects. It was a period where i was just beginning to start my career and it was as rude as it could get especially after waiting for 13 months for a job. I was able to come out of this phase very soon and kudos goes to just one person who supported me throughout. Thanks my dear.

With time of visa expiry nearing it was once again a race against time as was in December 2009 and once again an opportunity showed itself. This time it was Charles Prabu who came to my aid. I joined as a HR consultant in RK Herojit owned Synergy@HASK with a contract of 3 months. Hero was a person who is always cheerful, positive and extremely motivating. I like to offer my heartfelt thanks to both Hero and Charles for this opportunity which helped my get my Singapore Permanent residence. The date of my contract was due to
expire in August 17th.

It was 2yr and 8 months since i had left India and was eager to come back home for a
couple of weeks. With PR in hand and no job in hand i landed in chennai on 17th night and the two weeks were like a rat race with many things happening. One particular day stood out for sure. The marriage of my cousin was an event where everybody got together and i had a blast during the event. In between my home trip, as a surprise and due to some interviews, a job was confirmed and i was instructed to join on 1st September.

This time it was Sathik who informed me of such a vacancy and i approached Prof. Tseng King Jet and he confirmed my intake as a Project Officer in Energy Research Institute @ NTU. It was a job which i had dreamt of for its profile and the career path. Was assigned to work with Tan Yen Kheng in a collaboration project with Rolls Royce. Rejoicing the occasion and with a sure future in hand it was time yet again to stop worrying and start a new career.

September yet again was vacation time and a trip to Bintan, Indonesia was planned and it went off amazingly. The island with its hospitable people was a delight to watch and visit. Standing out were adventurous boat rides and crystal clear coastal sea. One thing which i would cherish was the water scooter ride in which i rode upto 5 KM into the sea. Back to singpaore and a routine life with a great job carried me joyously towards 2011.

I would like to thank all those who have been a part of such ups and downs in this year. Also thanks to my parents and dear for being with me. I look forward to 2011 being a year to cherish and move up in career and life.


Friday, March 19, 2010


It is one of the days when you never know how to pass your time. Time labors along at snail pace with lots to do and your mind not interested in doing anything. Days like this was a thing of the past when i had got a job on Dec 14th.. Come March 12th, the company officials told me to stop coming from work (thats wat they told me.. "We are sorry, but we have no other option. You need not come to work from tomorrow") The words still ring in my ears.

Yes.. its right... am back to the unemployed sector... People have been telling "all iz well" and it fails to be so in my case. Confused about the next step... Every decision taken these days needs a lot a brain racking to be done..

Hope times passes out and i get a job soon.... dunno what to write..


Sunday, January 3, 2010

An year that was not meant to be

As a continuation to my old blog about my experiences in 2008, here i pen down my experiences in 2009.

To be sure i had started 2009 on a seriously shaky note with economic recession hurting my job opportunities. I had completed my exams and the result of the dissertation was pending. Jan flew by with no interviews and job hunting. Disaster stuck when friends lost jobs and more bad news followed. Boredom settled down and passing each day was a challenge. Feb also passed by and final corrections came for thesis.
Submitted it within a week and was expecting the result within 2-3 weeks.

With dwindling finances i opted to work in a 24*7 shop as a sales person. Time was well spent in the shop interacting with customers and days started to go by without and interview calls coming and the recession was in the peak. Santhosh was fretting about going back to India and it was a dilemma for me too. April came and a conformation letter that my project is ok and i have sucessfully graduated my Masters degree was a gr8 news. But the irony of a bleak future was too much to usher in celebrations.

Work in the shop contined and came July. It was time for convocation and i was bent on making my parents come for the convocation. June end was again a bad time when a dear friend
Santhosh left singapore never to return again. Daily woes continued and added to that pressure was shifting the house. Change of roommates to Blk 288 in Choa Chu Kang was decided and
shifted. A new person entered my life at this stage and it was a revelation. Parents finally landed in Singapore for a 10 day visit which i had planned to coincide with my convocation and Birthday. Had a good time showing dad and mom the tourist palces and temples in Singapore and time flew by very fast making me miss those days later on. July 28th was the day i had convocation and it was a proud moment when i saw happiness in the face of my mom and dad.

They left Singapore on Aug 5th and days started to bore again. Due to some problems changed to blk 425 in the same locality and at the same time good news was coming in from friends that they were getting jobs. But luck eluded me and still continued to do so as no interview calls were coming. August 26th was a day to be remembered forever coz it changed my life and promised the years to come by to be sweeter and happier. Months flew by and October announced it arrival.

Along with it Prof. K. Raghukandan mailed my about his 1 day transit in Singapore and i was happy to recieve him for he had been a guide, teacher, friend and trusted advisor in my life. When planning for his stay in Singapore i chanced upon the contact number of a person in Annamalai University Alumni Association(Singapore Chapter). We decided to meet on the day of my professors arrival and it was a good occassion when 4 alumni's came to my home to meet him. It was an opportunity for me, as most of these persons were businessmen and i figured out that they could help me.

Few persons from the alumni vouched to help and at the end it was Mr. Kirubakaran and Parthiban who helped me out a lot. With their help finally after a year of struggle on Dec 14th i got a job in Kuan Aik Hong constructions as an electrical engineer. I am pleased to start this new year with a joyous mood and looking forward to acclerate my career growth.

Few people i would like to thank for supporting me through this year when i was in the downs are Prakash, Madhumathi, Raghukandhan, kiruba, Parthi and host of friends. My parents do receive a special thanks for supporting me.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar - Old Hinduism concepts??

Some of the things i would like to put forth about the latest blockbuster movie AVATAR. I have done some comprehensive study on various websites for this details. Here it goes.

"Avatar" is not just the term `Avatar' that is associated with Hinduism. The core concept of Hinduism is that all animate and inanimate are the result of a single energy source, which is Brahman or God. All the plants, animals, human beings rise and fall in this single energy source. This formless and indefinable is given form by humans and worshipped as God. One of the important themes of Avatar is
based on this core concept of Hinduism which was taught first time more than 5000 years ago. In the movie, the Na'vis are able to physically connect to animals and plants. And they believe that they are just a part of the whole which includes all animate and inanimate present on their planet Pandora. This concept is explained beautifully and there is a magical scene in which the Tree is connected to the human body and this body is connected to all the Na'vis through holding their hands each other.

Another striking aspect is the use of the color blue. Hindu Gods are depicted blue in color. Blue is the color of the infinite. All Hindu gods are an attempt by the human mind to give form to the formless Brahman (God). The color blues symbolizes immeasurable and all pervading reality – formless Brahman.
Another concept found in Hindu Puranas is Parakaya Pravesham – leaving one's body temporarily and entering the body of another person. Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have done this to enter a king's body so that he can learn about material world. Something quite similar happens in the movies as Humans are able to temporarily enter the body of a Na'vi. A more visible symbol in the movie is that of the characters in Avatar riding on a flying dragon like being. This is more like Lord Vishnu riding on Garuda.

It is said that great minds think alike in all ages. The great saints of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) thought about this 5000 years ago and they tried to explain it to us through symbols and stories. Today we have technology explain the universal truths. But are we listening? We are slowly wiping out the green cover and destroying the Mother Earth thinking that we humans are superior and above all.

But what Avatar missed is foreseen by Hindu seers the total annihilation of human race when there is rise of Adharma (today it is unimaginable greed and lack of concern for mother earth). We are fast heading towards such a situation and this divine action will be carried out by Kalki. Then there is a fresh beginning. The cycle continues and this present age is not the first cycle and it is not the last.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A true sportsman

This day 20 years back a small kid drove his first ball, a ball from waqar younis(a terrific bowler) on the front foot. Little did the pakistani cricketers know that they have just seen a person whose wicket will be the most prized wicket in the decades to come. Yes it was Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who went on to rule the world of cricket for 20 long years and continues to do so. Nick named 'The Little Master' and populary known as the 'God of Cricket' this man is a true sportsman. Be it the elegance if the drives he plays or the humbleness with which he carrieshimself off the field he is perfect in it.

There can be no words to describe my love for this man with almost all batting records to him. I wish to him only in one place where he hasnt been yet - Lifting the World Cup. Some knocks of his can never be forgotten and also some shots stay etched in memory.

- The back to back centuries in Sharjah against the australians - considered to be his best.
- It was a disappointment for me when he got out for 4 in his second ball in the chennai test against the Australasians But he was a treat in his second innings. Wat else can i ask for sittin in a stadium watching him
-241 n.o. against australia down under without a single cover drive.... tat was wat u can dedication.
- His first century at manchester saving india from defeat. arrival of a legend.
- 82 in 49 balls.. a win in the 24th over. sachin opens for the first time and tat has been his place for 15 years till date.
- the 1996 world cup was tendulkar's very own. his brutality was clearly evident.
- 1999 world cup. a century against kenya.. made my eyes moist after he dedicated it to his father who died just days before.
- The match against pakistan in the world cup. 3 sixes of akthar and history had repeated itself. sachin was back.
- A unbeaten 100 on the final day, thus winning the match chasing a total of 387. A knock dedicated to the heroes of mumbai (26/11/2008). yet another touching knock.
- The latest onslaught. 175 in a losing cause. reminded me of the sachin of the old. the sachin of sharjah.

There are many more knocks. but only these come to my mind. Some shots of his i love..

- The late cut against warne.
- The perfect straight drive
- the hook against short balls
- The Six above mid-off after coming down on the leg side. (the ultimate one)

There is no more records that this man can have. A small note of his statistics today.

159 Tests - 12773 runs - 42 centuries - 53 half centuries.
436 ODI's - 17178 runs - 45 centuries - 91 half centuries.

I bow to you for ur dedication and love to the sport, to the county and to ur genius.

Three cheers Sachin Tendulkar.