Friday, March 19, 2010


It is one of the days when you never know how to pass your time. Time labors along at snail pace with lots to do and your mind not interested in doing anything. Days like this was a thing of the past when i had got a job on Dec 14th.. Come March 12th, the company officials told me to stop coming from work (thats wat they told me.. "We are sorry, but we have no other option. You need not come to work from tomorrow") The words still ring in my ears.

Yes.. its right... am back to the unemployed sector... People have been telling "all iz well" and it fails to be so in my case. Confused about the next step... Every decision taken these days needs a lot a brain racking to be done..

Hope times passes out and i get a job soon.... dunno what to write..


Sunday, January 3, 2010

An year that was not meant to be

As a continuation to my old blog about my experiences in 2008, here i pen down my experiences in 2009.

To be sure i had started 2009 on a seriously shaky note with economic recession hurting my job opportunities. I had completed my exams and the result of the dissertation was pending. Jan flew by with no interviews and job hunting. Disaster stuck when friends lost jobs and more bad news followed. Boredom settled down and passing each day was a challenge. Feb also passed by and final corrections came for thesis.
Submitted it within a week and was expecting the result within 2-3 weeks.

With dwindling finances i opted to work in a 24*7 shop as a sales person. Time was well spent in the shop interacting with customers and days started to go by without and interview calls coming and the recession was in the peak. Santhosh was fretting about going back to India and it was a dilemma for me too. April came and a conformation letter that my project is ok and i have sucessfully graduated my Masters degree was a gr8 news. But the irony of a bleak future was too much to usher in celebrations.

Work in the shop contined and came July. It was time for convocation and i was bent on making my parents come for the convocation. June end was again a bad time when a dear friend
Santhosh left singapore never to return again. Daily woes continued and added to that pressure was shifting the house. Change of roommates to Blk 288 in Choa Chu Kang was decided and
shifted. A new person entered my life at this stage and it was a revelation. Parents finally landed in Singapore for a 10 day visit which i had planned to coincide with my convocation and Birthday. Had a good time showing dad and mom the tourist palces and temples in Singapore and time flew by very fast making me miss those days later on. July 28th was the day i had convocation and it was a proud moment when i saw happiness in the face of my mom and dad.

They left Singapore on Aug 5th and days started to bore again. Due to some problems changed to blk 425 in the same locality and at the same time good news was coming in from friends that they were getting jobs. But luck eluded me and still continued to do so as no interview calls were coming. August 26th was a day to be remembered forever coz it changed my life and promised the years to come by to be sweeter and happier. Months flew by and October announced it arrival.

Along with it Prof. K. Raghukandan mailed my about his 1 day transit in Singapore and i was happy to recieve him for he had been a guide, teacher, friend and trusted advisor in my life. When planning for his stay in Singapore i chanced upon the contact number of a person in Annamalai University Alumni Association(Singapore Chapter). We decided to meet on the day of my professors arrival and it was a good occassion when 4 alumni's came to my home to meet him. It was an opportunity for me, as most of these persons were businessmen and i figured out that they could help me.

Few persons from the alumni vouched to help and at the end it was Mr. Kirubakaran and Parthiban who helped me out a lot. With their help finally after a year of struggle on Dec 14th i got a job in Kuan Aik Hong constructions as an electrical engineer. I am pleased to start this new year with a joyous mood and looking forward to acclerate my career growth.

Few people i would like to thank for supporting me through this year when i was in the downs are Prakash, Madhumathi, Raghukandhan, kiruba, Parthi and host of friends. My parents do receive a special thanks for supporting me.