Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tribute to a Departed Soul

It is not common and a nice feeling when we hear close friends and colleauges departing forever from life in order to rest in peace. These kinds of things come as a surprise and a rude shock when it happens to us. One incident happened to me last week when i heard tat a junior of my collage in india named "VIJAY" fell from the cooling tower of a company (incidentely i was working in the same company but different branch) and was declared dead immediately. It came as a rude shock with grief engulfing many people... one person who has openly expressed his feeling for this is my professor (Prof K.R.K) who had sent a mail across to students he knew of.. it is rare for professors to come out with such things... here is a copy of that mail for your viewing

Dearest Vijay,
It is the 76th convocation day of our university. Sitting on the dais of the Sastri Hall I look at the young faces in the full Sastri Hall - the famed hall which have produced scores and scores of proven entrepreneurs, renouned scientiests, top class leaders, knowledgeable engineers, skilled surgeons and leading economists to name a few... I look at the faces of the budding graduates on a day in which their dreams have come true - at least partially in graduating from Annamalai university, the beaming parents whose eyes slowly well with tears of pride and joy, the teachers who, in all humility, toiled to produce a batch of hardworking talents for our nation - and the faces of the budding graduates.! a sizeable portion of them, from engineering facutly, offer me a gloomy picture at the day when they step out into the world proudly proclaiming they are qualified engineers now. I search, frantically, knowing fully well of the futility of the efforts, for a round face, always smiling with kindness and unlimited warmth, always ready to help others and always ready to be the man-friday! I search for the softspoken, ever smiling and ever willing wonderful person who was dependable, joyful and full of affection. It takes a few moments to realise that you are no more with us, vijay, but has departed for larger pasture - the most coveted position in heaven.....
I look back those fun filled days of your association with me and the team of the dedicated volunteers of the placement cell of the faculty of engineering and tech. The jokes, the night outs, the late working hours, the rejoices of the selectees, the dinners, the team efforts, the organisation, the teas, and what not? Most significant is your attitude of lending a hand, even when other departmental vacancies came up and the innumerable travels and paces up and down the staircases. The unerasable ooty trip, the rains and the unexplored areas of ooty, the walk on the roads, the tiring travel when we talked- you of your aspirations, your recent meditational endeaours, yoga, family, affectionate parents, loveable sister- why did you leave us all, vijay - so suddenly and so swiftly?

I am reminded of the day when you came to my office, beaming with joy and said " sir, i presented a saree to my mother in my first part-time salary. She was so happy. my grandmother blessed me and my father too."

We continue to look for you in future convocations as well and I am sure you will continue your dedicated efforts of helping others - now in heaven - with gods and goddesses searching for the loveable soul always.Vijay - i am sure you will continue to support your juniors and your friends alike, continue to return back in our dreams and thoughts, continue to be with us in our cherished memories. May your soul rest in peace.Vijay - we miss you!

realising the true importance of friends when they are nearby and hoping that this does not happen to us again... signing of with grief and hoping vijay's soul rests in peace...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hooked to Chandrayaan

My friend "san" is really mad about space science and his eagerness and anxiety about chandrayaan's performance and success has affected me that i find myself reading anything and everthing about it being published. Though i myself am an avid reader of news on the go this addition in the already wide range of subjects i cover has made me think i had missed this earlier. Instead of me elaborating on it fully i request you to see this link..

Some pics for making this blog look bright... :)

The first images, taken at an altitude of 9,000km, show the northern coast of Australia while others, snapped at a height of 70,000km, show Australia’s southern coast. The Terrain Mapping Camera is one of the eleven scientific instruments aboard Chandrayaan 1. The camera takes black and white pictures at a resolution of about 5m.