Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hooked to Chandrayaan

My friend "san" is really mad about space science and his eagerness and anxiety about chandrayaan's performance and success has affected me that i find myself reading anything and everthing about it being published. Though i myself am an avid reader of news on the go this addition in the already wide range of subjects i cover has made me think i had missed this earlier. Instead of me elaborating on it fully i request you to see this link..

Some pics for making this blog look bright... :)

The first images, taken at an altitude of 9,000km, show the northern coast of Australia while others, snapped at a height of 70,000km, show Australia’s southern coast. The Terrain Mapping Camera is one of the eleven scientific instruments aboard Chandrayaan 1. The camera takes black and white pictures at a resolution of about 5m.

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