Friday, March 19, 2010


It is one of the days when you never know how to pass your time. Time labors along at snail pace with lots to do and your mind not interested in doing anything. Days like this was a thing of the past when i had got a job on Dec 14th.. Come March 12th, the company officials told me to stop coming from work (thats wat they told me.. "We are sorry, but we have no other option. You need not come to work from tomorrow") The words still ring in my ears.

Yes.. its right... am back to the unemployed sector... People have been telling "all iz well" and it fails to be so in my case. Confused about the next step... Every decision taken these days needs a lot a brain racking to be done..

Hope times passes out and i get a job soon.... dunno what to write..



anbu said...

Hum honge kaamiyaa ek din.... my dear friend.. this is hardest part of life.dont loose your confident.ETHUVUM KADANTHU POGUM>

veera said...
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