Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Indian Politics in 2011 - A trip down the rugged lane

The year 2011 has been a one to forget as soon as possible as far as Politicians are concerned. The year has really been a roller-coaster ride for India in almost all aspects. I would like to take a trip down the memory lane on various which happened over the year.

One of the most influential years since independence, this year will be remembered for one person who climbed above all to rule to news and the news-makers. Also one cannot forget the numerous changes in central government as well as most importantly in south india. Corruption in unprecedented levels and the powerful impacts it has on the fall of various persons was the key highlight of this year. The most important issue which played havoc in many big weights career will of course be the 2G Scam, which shook the entire nation. Subramaniam Swamy, a name know only in political circles, became a famous person overnight with his blows hitting the bull's eye with precision.

It all started with Andhimuthu Raja being the main benefactor of the huge scam. It brought down along with him the core of DMK's union ministers like Kanimozhi, Dayanidhi Maran and now reaching the shores of Congress's Chidambaram. Most of the big names in the telecom industry were included and were sent on a trip to Tihar jail along with Kanimozhi and Raja. The hammer was delivered in a grand manner with DMK's rout in the assembly elections. So powerful was the blow that the party is not not even the primary opposition in the state.

The Commonwealth games during late 2010 was again a key starting point for the downhill of Suresh Kalmadi. The media on an overdrive led to international disgrace and Kalmadi is still langushing in Tihar. Adarsh land scams, vote for cash scam, mining scam and various others led to fall of huge elephants who seemed invincible. The list includes the Bellary brothers, Yeddyurappa, Jagan Mohan reddy among others.

The drubbing of DMK in tamilnadu by Jayalalitha's AIADMK has the former party's ministers and members running for safety. Land grabbing cases has mounted and DMK is being crushed to powder beyong recognition. The fall of Left in Bengal brought in an ambitious Mamta Banerjee and she seems to win over people even after the elections. The defeat of left signaled the end of a 4 decade unparalleled dominance. In the same vein Bihar's Nitish Kumar and Gujarat's Narendra Modi seem to travel higher up with amazing governance.

Uttar Pradesh - this particular state with elections round the corner is now a key battlefield in which the future of Congress will be known clearly. The iron fist rule of Mayawati and her actions are definitely in bad taste. But can the Congress seep through a state in which it has been rendered incompetent for a long time is the question. The spotlight is on congress due to the the much hyped "Rahul Gandhi" whose main focus has been UP. As a leader who is projected as a future Prime minister his growth in the party has been phenomenal considering the number of heavy weights in the party. This will be definitely be a must watched battle for the future of india.

With all these happenings over the year, the year would have been a normal one in the history of Indian Politics. But it was not to be. One person had changed it all and today he continues to be a hero for the masses and the biggest headache for the government. KISAN BABURAO HAZARE popularly know as ANNA HAZARE, a follower and preaches of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings, became the most important person to be taken notice of. His anti-corruption movement started with a few people like Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejrwal, the bhushans among others awakened the entire nation into going against corruption.

The moment starting in late 2010 had slowly been growing ever since making people take note of CWG scam, adarsh housing scam, corrupted CVC made to resign, culminating in the April hunger strike by ANNA. The actions spread with the help of social networking and media overdrive. The government was made to look into developing a citizens charter and bringing in a Lokpal. This was also the time India Against Corruption was born. The fast in Ramlila Maidan was a huge success. The June protest by Baba Ramdev at Ramlila was a eye scorcher for the govt with police action and widespread hate for the govt spreading. Politicians were reeling under tremendous pressure for making careful moves in its aftermath. Almost all opposition parties joining together made life hell for the Congress at the center.

But the biggest event awaited the nation on august 16 with Anna deciding to go on fast again against corruption. The govt picked him up and sent him to Tihar jail and it was the death knell for Congress. With all opposition parties, media and industry people peeving at its action, the support for Anna grew multifold. Protest were held all over india and also abroad for such insane action. The 7 days in Tihar jail and a 15 day protest in Ramlila shook the entire parliament to take action and the govt fast-tracked its promises on a LOKPAL with serious work beginning. Anna had become a cult hero and the most important person in a game changing political landscape.

Now in the late monsoon session of the parliament much debate about the LOKPAL bill rode over most of the proceedings and Anna had almost won. Just as i write this post, the govt has cleared a weaker LOKPAL bill, and Team Anna's next fast is looming larger everyday. The younger brigade of Indians are rallying behind Anna and the next course of action is being watched with a bated breath. Each step is going to a gigantic one considering the mammoth of expectations every Indian has.

Hoping that the next action be one for the growth of India and Indians i would like to wish all to look forward to a great year ahead.

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