Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A year which consolidated and flew by on its own accord

The start of a new year reminds me of having a look back at 2010 to introspect the path my life has taken. This introspection will be a continuation of the memories of 2010.

The job joined in late 2010 was one i had wanted and it was no surprise i finished the year with the same job intact. The year started with my trip to India which was a necessity. The month long recuperation period after going under the knife in mid January was more than a much needed break and i was missing home immediately after returning back to Singapore in Feb. I also had sorely missed the trip to Bali by friends in Singapore. A great time with family and cousins was the top of the month.

March announced its intentions of pure joy, passion and bliss with the world cup in its mid way stage. Days flew by with the excitement building up everyday. Also March was a month with lots happening.. My second ARR Live concert and my best friend visiting Singapore to meet after 4 years were definite highlights. The month ended with passions stirred with just the final hurdle left for Team India.

April began with India winning the world cup and memories that will stay for a life time. April was capped off with a trip to the scenic Tioman islands with new experiences of snorkelling and wathing the corals under the sea. The best month of the year. May was a dull month with the hurt of a strained relationship being felt.

June was fun with yet another trip to india. This time it was a surprise to almost all back home and the troubles i took to go were really one to be avoided next time. My best friend marriage was one occasion which will stay etched in memory for the joy experienced and the yearning i had developed.

July passed by with august announcing its arrival in a grand manner. My birthday, the trip to lesiure world cruise with others were such pure joy and the month end trip to Melaka, a historic town in Malaysia ended the month too on a high. September was just a month rolling on until the most desired thing i needed went out of my hands. The pain it carries will never be forgotten and will linger on and on.

October started with an unwanted quickie trip to India for 3 days and it is best forgotten. The joy of my contract extended for 1 more year and the security it provided is best remembered though it was a forgone conclusion that it would be extended for sure. Diwali came and went and November was a breeze with nothing much happening. Also it was a period that i understood how people behaved when it matters to them under certain circumstances.

December was eagerly awaited due to reason that my parents were on their second visit to Singapore for a month. The year ended with my relatives also landing in Singapore and the last week of the year was the most hectic week of the year though it was a holiday week. Trip to Malaysia with relatives and parents were the most amazing things one could have and the year capped of with mom and dad still in Singapore.

The year considering the last were was relatively normal and looking forward to the next year with high hopes and a great leap in my career and personal life.

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Javahar said...

All the best Ajay. Lets together do the ambitious things in this year 2012.