Monday, December 1, 2008

Political Gimmick or True Responsibility?

It has been clearly a week of shock and surprise for many world over in the aftermath of the mumbai terror attacks. Mumbai still reeling under fear and foregin tourists reconsidering their plans of visiting india as a whole. With peoples mind searching for a solution and a comfort in the aftermath of these attacks, what are the indian politicians upto. Political leaders blaming each other for the lack of security and vice versa there is a lot of noises made in the right areas but in the wrong context and wrong time. Lets have a look at these happenings and some of the questions being asked.

I was really amused by the media reporting that Shri. L.K.Advani (opposition party leader) postponing his take off from delhi to mumbai in order to make a joint visit along with Shri Manmohan Singh(Prime Minister). It was also surprising consedering the fact that the politicians try to gain political milage by these visits especially with elections round the corner. My surprise ended shortly when suddenly Advani was criricising the government's policies in mumbai... wher the hell did tat fellow go ther all of a sudden after makin such a statement of joint visit.,.... Shame on indian politicians...

Narendra Modi giving out 1 crore for killed police officers family in mumbai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat the hell was this gujrat CM doing in Mumbai.... Is he gonna run for his second CM seat???

Sivraj Patil (Union Home Minister) Resigns Owing Moral Responsibility........!!! with three months left in office for the tenure to end.... wat will happen in three months... even a draft proposal could not be prepared(history says so..). will the leaders concentrate in campaigning or corrective action????

RR Patil (State Home Minister) Resigns!!!! Vilasrao Deshmukh (Maharastra CM) offers to resign..!!! Again congress people.... not in a position to comment..

PM orders increase of troops along border and cuts air and rail links to Pakistan!!.... (it looks similar to BJP's action during their end term, only to be recalled by the current govt..) making one believe that pakistan government is responsible when the other side begs to differ... Can the terrorists from pakistan sneak into indian roads without insiders help???

Where are the answers to these questions. Who will take the moral responsibility of answering these questions...?

Also it makes me wonder why the hell do teams from FBI, Scotland Yard and an Israel need to come to india for carring investigations into the attack. Are our officers not competent enough?? Where has all the tax-payers money in the name of investigation gone???

These are some questions raking my head when i read any news about the terror attacks...

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