Saturday, January 17, 2009

Creeping Doubts in Mind...

It has been nearly two months since completing my masters degree. The ultimatum is now to secure a job and settle in life and most important start settling loans back home and here. Eager job aspirants would know what i am going through now. The market has crashed exactly at the same time i finish my course and you can expect the amount of fear in my mind. Wherever i go i hear only the words "Crisis, Freeze in hiring". It rings through the ears and the brain that i have graduated at a time when there virtually seems to be no jobs. Further news from people saying that the market is expected to recover by 3rd or 4th quarter of 2009 compounds the fear within. Where is life leading to? What does the future hold for me? Have my previous decisions been wrong? decisions like quitting a secured job back in india and moving abroad for higher studies... why does this happen? Parents struggling to make ends meet after ensuring that their children feel comfortable abroad and alone. How long will this dependance go on? Are we fit for jobs? Shall we go back to India and start afresh..? Shall we go stay back here and keep on searching? yes...!!! but how long? wat if i dont get a job before the visa periord expires..?

Damm.. Idle Mind is a Devil's Workshop.. Is this tat..? am i becoming a devil..? How to occupy myself? whatever i do only one thing comes to my mind... and it is sufficient to make me stop the thing am doing...??

I am writing this in full flow and am not able to countinue... u know y.....!! let me start staring the plain wall.... do pass some ideas in the comments... to make me feel better..


raghukandan said...

ajay, am surprised to see the lack of confidence in a proven engineer whop is ost graduating from ntu. does this mean that engineers do always seek job to keep themselves alive? does it mean that there are no opportunities during a recession? many success stories begin with a recession - remember toyota starting the building up after the war? remember the great depression of 1919 and usa stirring up as a superpower? it is utter stupidity to wail when the cards are down. how can one, with strong funda and rich experience, fail unless he thinks so? no decisions are bad decisions.. they are just experiences from which you learn. There are ample opportunities waiting in the wings seeking your attention.. waiting to be picked up. Perhaps if you think you want the magical door to open, as you wish them to .. sorry. they never will. There are uptapped doors yet to be knocked and opened. Just keep your eyes and mind open. look for them. and adapt your attitude to those doors. Research, teaching, buisness are few options known. why donot you stop pissing your pants off and start looking?
God bless you

Ramu's Corner said...

Wawww.. Wat a sensible reply sir.. Ajay there is Nothing more and Nothing less to add up to the word counts from wat sir has told you.. I would say that you must have even more than 100% of confident in yourself man! It is all a part of life; it will also fade away as time pasts. For instance my brother completed his MS in Australia took almost 8 months to get settled in a Permanent Job. But he never lost hope, he did some part-time job, kept updating himself to the current market requirements, attended at least 6 to 8 close call interviews, so on and so forth.. It is not the necessarily you must go through all this phase; it is just to motivate your confidence level. Always have a positive mindset and try harder and harder until you succeed and never ever loose you hope!

Javahar said...

You will win soon dear..